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Throughout the gospels, we see Jesus spend a large percentage of his time telling stories and investing in people relationally. A few times however, he speaks with immense clarity as he gives instruction or commands that are not optional. In identifying these statements, there seem to be six core teachings that bubble up to the surface through each of the accounts of Jesus’ time on earth. These six commands are for us to learn, develop in our lives, and follow as we continue to accept the great invitation to become like Jesus.


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The Long Game (05-13-2018)

Jesus invites us to live like Him in all aspects of our lives. The challenge with becoming like Jesus is that it requires a level of obedience that is quite costly. As we launch into this new series and take a big picture look at what obedience to God costs us, we will also unpack the six core commands of Christ that we see throughout the Gospels.

Be Perfect (05-20-2018)

When reading the gospels, we see Jesus showing incredible grace but also raising the standard of what is expected of those who would follow Him. In Matthew 5, He goes as far as to call His disciples to "be perfect." Is this standard as impossible as it sounds or is it easier than we may think?

Follow Me (05-27-2018)

"Follow Me" is one of the most profound things Jesus might have said to His disciples when we clearly understand the paradigm that statement rested upon. In this message we talk about the paradigm shifts that need to take shape in our lives to truly develop habits that come from deep conviction and fully rest in the way of "Follow Me."

Commands of Christ Graphic.jpg

Love God (06-03-2018)

Jesus is asked what the greatest command is and his response goes back to the basic concept of how we love God, and love people.  This week we take a deeper look at the first part of Jesus' challenge by how we love God fully and take the right steps to make sure we don't miss out on the fullness He desires for us.

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Love Others (06-10-2018)

Reclining at a Passover meal with His disciples--minutes after washing their feet and mere hours before He will be arrested and led to the cross--He shares with them a new command: Love one another as I have loved you. The command is simple but the standard is incredibly high. Join us this week as we look at what it means to love others as Jesus loves us.

Go Everywhere (06-17-2018)

Jesus sets the bar high with his constant movement geographically and relationally.  How much of this command is prescriptive and how much is simply designed to give us insight into His role here on earth?  Have we as the Church (globally) made a bigger deal about converts rather than disciples? Jesus makes no hesitations around what His desire is for us as believers and how we are to Go Everywhere.

Receive Power (06-24-2018)

When Jesus ascended and the Holy Spirit descended we are told through scripture that we would be filled with power. Ever wonder why our lives seem so powerless? In this message we take a deep look into our different personalities and things that could be hindering the power Jesus promised.

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