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Families look a lot different in 2019 then they did thirty years ago.  Generations have redefined what it means to be a family, walk through the good and the bad and do life together.  God designed us from the beginning to be in relationship with each other and the people that we choose to bring along with us are often described as family.  The church has a unique opportunity to speak to these close relationships whether it be between spouses, parents and their kids, best friends, or blending families together, we believe that Jesus has a goal in mind for how we live these out.


God’s Design for Families (05-18-2019)

In a world where words like dysfunctional and pain are commonly used to describe a family, how do we get back to our roots of love? God’s design for families is to be a place where His love flows from us in a natural giving and receiving pattern resulting in thriving, functional families.

Speaker: Connie

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