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We as humans spend a lot of time searching frantically for all the right answers. Everyone reading this has their go-to whether it be people, books, experts, talk shows, podcasts, or some other form of advice-seeking.  As Christians, the sad fact is that many of us look everywhere except the Bible when we want to seek advice. Over the next few weeks we will be looking into several practical steps in order to reflect Jesus in our thoughts and decisions.


Baggage (07-01-2018)

So often we are tempted to believe that we are alone while we ache from the pain we carry. This week we unpack two specific proverbs that remind us how to reconcile the feelings of loneliness and creating healthy boundaries as we move forward towards healing.

When Right is Hard to Find (07-08-2018)

The book of Proverbs exists to impart wisdom to the reader. But what about those situations that are not so black and white? In our current complicated cultural moment, is their wisdom present in scripture to guide us? Join us this week as we try to answer that question.

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