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As the nation of Israel began to discover it's identity, they asked the Lord for a King. The Lord gave them what they asked for and, as it was predicted, it brought disaster for God's chosen people. Despite the mixed bag of kings (mostly bad), the Lord was faithful to His people. Throughout these accounts, we take a look at these flawed human kings and the way being paved for the Messiah and King Jesus.


We Want a King (09-14-2019)

Finding a way to live in the tension is hard to do with most anything, but within the church community - being missional and attractional is just as difficult. Often times there is a tension that creates division in how to operate as a faith community or what priorities should be. Within both the life of Jesus and the Church there is a clear desire to embrace the tension and find the balance between living on mission and attracting people to where God is at work.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Saul (09-21-2019)

King Saul had great potential to be the leader who set Israel up with a legacy to be proud of. Yet, his impatience lead him and his people down a road fraught with destruction.

Speaker: Connie

David and Goliath (09-28-2019)

Often times when we read classic stories of overcomers in the Bible, we find ourselves reading our own situations into them. We make our obstacles the villain and we try to learn from the characteristics of the hero. In this Family Gathering we take a look at the danger of making understanding the David and Goliath story as one of ours rather then one of our Savior's.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

King David (10-05-2019)

King David teaches us valuable lessons to learn from throughout his life, but maybe none more powerful then the journey he takes through his darkest moments. We are reminded in this story of Bathsheba how even the anointed fall, how hope can be lost, and how our complacency creates opportunity for sin. In the midst of it all we see confession, hope restored, and a reminder of God's hand at work - both now and for the future.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Inward and Downward Journey of King Solomon (10-12-2019)

The way of the world teaches us an upward and outward climb of orientation and success. In the life of Solomon we learn that his upward climb of success and outward affluence lead to really a deeper inward and downward journey of self discovery and God discovery. May we can learn this same inward and downward journey that Jesus so often talked about, and in this find the peace and fullness of life Jesus so often promised.

Speaker: Pastor Mike

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