At Awaken, we remind our people regularly that church is not a place where we go, but rather a people who we are. Our weekly worship gatherings are one expression of that, but the true heartbeat of our church is the sharing of life through our missional communities.

Our missional communities (MCs) are groups of people, about the size of an extended family, that are committed to living in biblical community with one another and seeing Awaken's three rhythms lived out individually and communally. Smaller than a worship gathering, but larger than your average "small group," missional communities aim to create a spiritual family on mission together.


 Our rhythms as lived out through missional community:

Healing In - Our MC's have a regular rhythm of connecting with God in numerous ways. We read and discuss scripture together, we spend time in prayer, we share communion together; all in the pursuit of growing closer to God individually and as a spiritual family. 

Raising Up - In our MC's, we share our lives together, investing in one another and sharpening one another as we grow side by side. By living in biblical community, we open ourselves up to be genuinely known, lovingly supported, and honestly challenged towards growth and maturity.

Sending Out - By design, MC's exist outside the walls of a church building and seek to be an expression of the Church within a particular network or neighborhood. Each missional community is called to be for and with that network or neighborhood, and works to bring life and restoration into that community.

Neighborhood GROUPS:

Level Green
Contact: David Sowers
Time: 1st Sunday of month at 11a

Contact: Raymond Bruso
Time: Wednesdays at 6:30p

Contact: Scott Christopher
Time: Wednesdays at 6:30p


Contact: Nichole Hensley
Time: Every 3rd Saturday at 9:00a