THE Family Network

Awaken intentionally chooses to place itself within the family of other churches as we continue to join God on mission throughout the Hampton Roads area.  Each church in the Family Network contributes talent, resources, and spiritual capital to leverage greater growth and kingdom advancement than we ever could on our own.  Our view on the Bride of Christ, or the Church globally is expressed throughout our Family as we look to serve each other as the Body of Christ is designed.

The Family chooses to function under the following 4 R’s to see greater kingdom impact:  

Reproducing:  We desire to help existing, traditional forms of the church see the ability to reproduce themselves through the laity of the church.

Relationships:  We desire to help connect existing churches to both church plants and existing forms of the church to see greater impact within the Tidewater area.

Resourcing:  We desire to help create opportunities for Church Planters in the Tidewater area to pursue their calling through coaching with the V3 Movement, resourcing options, and close relationships.

Residency:  We desire to create opportunities to grow Church Planters, Pastors and Missionaries from within our existing churches by creating a Regional Residency Program.


[OV] Church

[OV]Church is an established Church of almost 100 years in the Ocean View Community of Norfolk.  Over the years, [OV] has remained relevant to their community and their mission believing that the gospel informs, controls, and energizes all we do. Their vision is to be GOSPEL-centered in all they do, to focus on GROUPS for disciple-making and to GO plant churches in their neighborhoods and the nations.

The Journey Church

The Journey Church is a new Church Plant in Chesapeake, Virginia beginning in 2016.  They are off to a strong start as they live out their vision to go into the world building relationships while sharing the truth and power of the Gospel.

Partner Organizations


V3 - Church Planting Movement

At the heart of developing a church planting movement is understanding that we serve a triune missionary God, who has sent us into the world to bless people and seek transformation.  

V3 exists to help you start disciple-making churches that are a sign, foretaste and instrument of God’s kingdom.  If you want to find partners in the gospel, experience renewal, discover the latest resources in church planting with a movement mentality, learn from experienced planters and those gifted differently than you, and contribute to a larger movement, then the V3 Movement is where you want to go.

The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches

The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches are a group of autonomous churches around the world who partner together around the following three “clusters”:

  1. The Center affirms our eternal loyalty to Jesus Christ, through whom we live and move and have our being;

  2. The Evangelical Core outlines the convictions we share with those in the stream of historic orthodoxy and global evangelical communities that possess a high view of God and the Scriptures;

  3. The Charis Identity summarizes the perspectives and practices shared among Grace Brethren churches and leaders around the world.

The Bridge Network of Churches

The Bridge Network of Churches is a group of churches partnering to fulfill the Great Commission. Their focus is on growing and planting healthy, evangelistic, reproducing congregations reaching across cultures and ethnicity.

While they are primarily a group of Southern Baptist Churches, they exist to serve any church which shares their vision and values and desires to have a mutually supportive relationships.