In one of the most popular passages in all of Scripture, Paul writes of three things that will last forever: faith, hope, and love. Throughout this series we will be taking a look at Awaken's three rhythms (Healing In, Raising Up, Sending Out) through the lenses of faith, hope, and--the greatest of these--love.

Faith (07-23-2017)

Faith is often attacked through doubt and fear.  The world, our enemy, and even our own nature cause these to creep in regularly; but the trust and faith we have not only eliminates our fears, it goes deeper and heals the doubt at the origin.  We can't grow as people or as believers unless we are willing to trust God and place our faith solely in Him.



Hope (07-30-2017)

There is incredible power in hope. We are often tempted in the midst of trails to let our hope die and focus solely on the situation we are. This is why a living hope that is found within community is vital to our Christian faith. We understand that there is more to this this side of eternity, and together we share that hope with the world.

Love (08-06-2017)

Faith, hope, and love remain but the greatest of these is love. When we experiencing the self-giving, sacrificial, all-encompassing love that God has for us, it should ultimately compel us to invite others to experience it, as well. This week we take a look at Awaken's Sending Out rhythm through the lens of "agape" love.

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