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As Christians we shouldn't struggle when it comes to developing a list of things to be thankful for because of everything Jesus had done for us.  However too often our ability to be grateful, joyful, gracious, and peaceful seem "well mannered and behaved" rather than overflowing and busting at the seems.  Jesus calls us to revolutionize the way we show thanks and it stems from first going back to a giving God who is always blessing his children so that in return the world sees less complaining and temperamental happiness and more of something real.


Overflowing With Gratitude (10-27-2018)

What if we truly lived everyday like we were thankful for what Jesus has done for us on the cross? What would people say and think about us as Christians if we set the bar for what it looked like to be bursting at the seems with genuine gratitude instead of fitting in with the culture of complaining that is found far too often in all circles (church, school, work, etc). The moment we begin to live our lives being grateful for what God has done for us, is the moment that the world around us begins to see the true reflection of what Jesus intended for his Church.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Overflowing With Joy (11-03-2018)

Learning how to be full of joy can be an interesting concept in a world that so often is obsessed with happiness. Whether it be through relationships, materials, or success, we are hardwired by our culture to seek happiness in our everyday lives. Learning how to apply biblical joy in all circumstances is one of the major keys to being full of thanks.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Overflowing With Generosity (11-10-2018)

One of the most life changing experiences we can ever have or receive is when we come face to face with generosity.  As Christ followers, we have been modeled by God to be generous with our resources and our time; but as it overflows from a thankful heart we can show the world what contagious generosity really can look like.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Overflowing With Peace (11-17-2018)

When we live lives that are full of thanks, that overflows into our lives and the lives of others. One of those areas is an overflow of peace where experience the restful assurance that we are right where God wants us to be... whether that's where we would like to be or not.

Speaker: Pastor Jeff

Overflowing With Grace (11-24-2018)

[sermon summary]

Speaker: Pastor Steve

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