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Worship can be an oddity in a world today that focuses so much on the look and feel to church services.  Awaken strives to be a different kind of church in how we engage in worship, interact with the Holy Spirit, and empower the members of our community.  Whether it be through words, songs, or stations, the ways in which we break away from the structured and well-behaved styles of worship is a core part of our DNA as a Spirit-led church.


Expression and Formation (01-05-2019)

Gathering together for worship is one of the vital functions of a church community. As a church of missional communities, Awaken is not defined by our worship gathering, but it is still an incredibly important part of who we are. Join us this week as we examine how worship is intended to have both expressive and formative elements and how we can integrate them for a healthy and vibrant worship culture.

Speaker: Pastor Jeff

What is Mine to Receive (01-12-2019)

It is through worship that we receive everything God has for us. However, in order to receive, we must put forth effort, count the cost, and chose to live according to the Spirit instead of our flesh. When this happens, we naturally respond by giving God our everything through worship.

Speaker: Connie

The Story (01-19-2019)

Worship is at the core of church gatherings all over the world, but why do we worship? Out of duty to a God who created us? Out of desire to connect emotionally with our Heavenly Father? The hope is that despite this being an encounter of our head, heart, and hands, it is most importantly about preaching truth to ourselves.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Perspective (01-26-2019)

So often we are merely focused on what is right in front of us.  Whether it's our problems, our victories, or our pain, it can be hard to see anything else.  Worship helps realign us back to heavenly perspective of who we are and where we stand with God, both now, and for eternity.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

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