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We can often go through life and become numb to the situations surrounding us.  Unless we are willing to stop, slow down and evaluate what is happening to us and around us then we will never overcome.


Identity Crisis (02-16-2019)

A good portion of us are in the midst of an identity crisis. We don't know who we are because we don't understand that our identity flows out of our dignity. Our dignity is in tatters because we have lost sight of the truth among all of the lies.

Speaker: Connie

Overcoming Your Past (02-23-2019)

Through a discussion over dinner, we took a deeper look into how our past is designed to play a role in our lives but not define us. Despite the lies that we are alone, overcoming our past allows us to use our story for God's story.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Overcoming Our Beliefs (03-02-2019)

Throughout this series, we've been challenged to examine how our identity issues and the things we carry with us from our past keep us from living out God's calling in our lives. In a sensitive message, we take a look at whether what we have been taught about God may actually be interfering with our following Him.

The Trials (03-09-2019)

Often times we wonder 'why me?' when we we continually face difficulties in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us have bought into a sterile version of the gospel that causes us to believe that trials are not a constant reality of a Christ Follower. As a result, many of us are unprepared for how to use these difficult times as opportunities to mature and overcome.

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