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As a church, we strive hard to reflect the heart of Jesus in our DNA and throughout everything we do. The roadmap that He has given us in how we take care of ourselves, love each other, and live on mission is no small task - but one definitely worth pursuing. Each year we pause and remind ourselves and each other why we do what we do and the hope we have for where God is leading us through our various meeting spaces.


Find the Balance (08-10-2019)

Finding a way to live in the tension is hard to do with most anything, but within the church community - being missional and attractional is just as difficult. Often times there is a tension that creates division in how to operate as a faith community or what priorities should be. Within both the life of Jesus and the Church there is a clear desire to embrace the tension and find the balance between living on mission and attracting people to where God is at work.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Rule and Rhythm (08-17-2019)

Our spiritual lives are shaped by the practices in which we engage. If we desire to be formed into mature followers of Christ, we must establish a set rule and rhythm for our lives. We should have a concrete set of regular and repeated spiritual practices that we participate in as a community and individually. Join us this week as we break down the rule and rhythm that defines Awaken Church.

Speaker: Pastor Jeff

Healing In (08-24-2019)

We know that God wants to bring transformation, freedom, and healing into each of our lives. Listen and experience, as we define and practice our rhythm of Healing In.

Speaker: Neil

Raising Up (08-31-2019)

One of the foundational beliefs that we have as an Awaken Church family is that the gospel is meant to be lived out within the context of community. Living in biblical community and practicing the pathway of “relationship” is something that is organic, dynamic, and contagious all at the same time. The truth is that we need to live in biblical community in order to be who God called us to be and who our world needs us to be.

Speaker: Pastor Steve

Sending Out (09-07-2019)

The movement of a church should always mirror the movement of the Spirit. As He goes, we go - it's that simple. The ultimate goal for all of us as Christ followers is to live as sent people, as a family on mission into the world. Learning how to be people of peace, bring others along with us, and show hope wherever we go is vital to joining the movement that Awaken is called to.

Pastor Philip

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