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Breaking Free from the things in this world that hold us back can mean a lot of things.  For us as Americans, it often encompasses money, finances, and our sense of entitlement. We are taking a giant step in the direction of breaking free of guilt, debt, obligation, and hurt as it pertains to our finances.  We will celebrate stewardship and generosity in this series because they are ways we connect to God.

God's Ownership (02-11-2018)

Within our community at Awaken we place a high premium on being authentic and vulnerable. We talk about being a family a lot and the impact of being a family on mission throughout the Hampton Roads area.

Radical Generosity (02-18-2018)

What is the meaning of history? Has the Church today lost the idea that God is reconciling everything back to His Rule and Reign and our place within This Grander Story? We can’t learn to live generously if we are not praying for His Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven; as Jesus commanded.

Treasure vs Money (02-25-2018)

As a world obsessed with status and stuff, Jesus has reminded His Church for hundreds of years to not place our value in the things on this earth. Jesus is after our hearts and in order to be transformed by the heart of generosity we first have to have a pulse check on where our treasure lies.

Where's My Money? (03-04-2018)

Do you ever wonder where all your money goes? For most of us, we have little control over our finances and the results are that we ended enslaved to what ever life throws our way. Stewardship starts with taking ownership over our finances so we can break free.

A Community of Givers (03-11-2018)

The most exciting thing about seeing individuals and families experience financial health and freedom is what that means for their community. Join us this week as we dream about what it looks like to a Community of Givers made up of those who are living into biblical practices of stewardship and generosity.

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