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If we aren't careful we begin to treat our church experience and our spirituality as a transaction from God, seeking something from him as if he is genie in a bottle.  Ultimately, if this is how we view God, the church - His people, and our discipleship then we end up focusing on being "fixed" instead of simply being present.  God exists in the midst of our brokenness and mess and wants to loving transform us if we are willing to let Him.


Intro (09-22-2018)

The church is full of mess. It is full of people who are broken, jacked up, and yet too often we are upset when we brush up against imperfection within the church. At Awaken we want to embrace the mess and consciously walk with each other through the chaos and seek God so that we can live in the freedom and grace that He gives to us, while submitting to the transformation journey He has us on.

Family is Messy (09-29-2018)

The Bible is full of dysfunctional families and yet we still attempt to display our best versions via social media thousands of years later to avoid looking messy. God's invitation for our families and for our communities to one of mercy, grace, and love as He reshapes our identity and reveals His power in our lives.

Theology is Messy (10-06-2018)

In order for us to truly tackle the tough subjects in the world today, we have to be willing to uncover the raw, emotional messiness that comes through our worldview.  As a church and as Christ followers we must begin to learn to embrace the messy theology and learn how to lament as our first step.

Community is Messy (10-13-2018)

Living in community is a beautiful thing, but it can also be messy. If we're truly seeking to live in true community, we will be forced to acknowledge the mess that we bring with us. Whether we choose to own it or hide it, we can't ignore it. But choosing to walk through it together can create beautiful new life out of the mess.

Mission is Messy (10-20-2018)

Jesus came in order to set the captives free.  Our Mission as followers of Jesus is to come alongside the work that God is already doing by creating a remnant known as the church, who will show the world what it looks like to render a people back to God.  This week we will talk about how the Messy part of that Mission is Me.

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