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When we read through the Gospels, Jesus gives us a lot to ponder through the miracles, parables, and ways he conducted himself, but James (his half brother) cuts right to the point. James's letter is the first that was circulated around various communities during the early church, and with that in mind he had one clear message: put your faith into action. What you do matters! As we dive into this series, we also encourage you to follow along with the 40 Day Devotional that is provided.


Chapter 1 (06-29-2019)

Being Jesus's little brother had to be an unusual setup for James. However, the letter that circulates throughout the Jewish Christians of the early church went on to become one of the the most powerfully practical and challenging pieces of text we have. As we discuss what this looks like in our Family Gathering, we take a look at trials, joy versus happiness, and what it means to actually be a Christ Follower in James's eyes.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

An Inward and Downward Faith (07-06-2019)

The work of our faith is not just an outer work, but also an inner work. It is through the difficult work of the inward and downward journey that our faith grows and overflows with authentic action—action that proves our faith.

Speaker: Connie

Weapon of Choice (07-20-2019)

James continues to lay it on thick as we examine our favorite topic: our tongue. As we begin to understand just how powerful our words are, we learn how to liberate ourselves and others around us rather than imprison people or set them back on their journey.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

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