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Jesus is the most talked about person in the history of the world.  As followers of Jesus, it is vital that we understand not only who Jesus actually is, but how his plans for His Kingdom are supposed to work and what my role is within it.  This Easter series is for those seeking to answer the question of who Jesus is and also unpack the way that we all are designed to respond to him as our Messiah, Savior, and King.


Who Is Jesus? (04-20-2019)

Understanding who Jesus is is a powerful question that takes us all on a journey to discover the life of a God-man who was sent on a rescue mission to change the world and transform lives.  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and remember the void of hope that was created in the moment of death.  Thankfully, we know how the story ends and this helps us realize the message of Jesus which is centered around hope.

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