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It’s an unspoken rule that the Church should not talk about money. At the same time, recent studies show that only 32% of American households budget their finances, 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and only half of American families have more than a month’s income in savings. Churches who refuse to address these issues are take a practical look at what biblical finances look like.

Contentment: What's More is Mine (10-02-2016)

The American machine runs on consumerism. Advertising agencies make their living on convincing you that your life is lacking and that you can only be satisfied by acquiring more and more and more. But if your contentment is based in acquiring more, it is impossible to ever have enough. This week we discuss where we can find contentment.

Generosity: What's Mine is Mine! (10-16-2016)

It’s easy for most of us to think that as soon as we have “enough,” we will have an opportunity to be generous. But what happens too often is that we fall into the trap of thinking that if having “enough” is good, then having “more” must be better. God calls us to be generous with whatever we have. This week we ask what that looks like.

Debt: What's Mine is Owed (10-23-2016)

Debt has become such an accepted part of American culture, that almost everyone lives with it. Whether it’s credit card debt, car payments, student loans, or a mortgage, almost everyone deals with some form of debt. It’s completely normal, but is it Biblical? This week we take a look at why we fall into the debt trap and some practical tips for getting your debt under control.

Work: What's Earned is Mine (10-30-2016)

If you had the financial means, would you quit your job? If you didn’t have to work, would you? What if there was more to work than it being an unavoidable necessity? The truth is we were made to work, so God has to have more in mind. This week we discuss work as a form of worship.

Stewardship: What's Yours is Yours (11-06-2016)

Stewardship is a stained-glass word. It's not a word we hear anywhere in culture except in churches. But the concept of stewardship has been around for centuries. This week we seek to define stewardship and ask the question "What if what's yours isn't really yours?"