Vision Check 2017

In life there are moments that we live into and moments that we choose to run from; moments that are both good and challenging. What would it look like if we took a vision check of our lives and learned to embrace both good and challenging moments this year and saw them as life changing? 

Reference Point (01-15-2017)

There is so much disillusionment within our culture for the Church. We say the word Church and automatically certain images and stories and words come to mind that are often not very warm or fuzzy. To start the New Year we want to deconstruct the Church and look at what does God say about us as a people.

People of Community (01-22-2017)

If we are a Biblical Community we can't fast ourselves all week from God's presence--some of us for weeks at a time--and come here preparing our hearts to eat and take it all in. We come prepared to share the Imago Dei within us and be a part of the Missio Dei that God is about.