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What would you do if you could put God on trial? What would you ask? Many of us at some point or another can think of a time where we’ve looked for some answer from God only to be dissatisfied with what we found. Throughout this series, we take an honest look at some of the hardest questions people would ask God if they had the chance.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? (08-21-2016)

Be honest. We've all asked it at some point. If God is really all powerful, and if He really cares about people, then how can you explain when tragedy strikes? If God can stop them, why does He allow things like miscarriages, school shootings, and cancer?

God, When Am I Going to Catch a Break? (08-28-2016)

How often do you feel like your plate is so full that you just can't take it anymore? They say God will never give you more than you can handle, but does He have to give you all you can handle? It often feels like we just can't catch a break!

What's With All the Rules? (09-04-2016)

From the outside in, it would be fairly easy to mischaracterize Christianity as a long list of rules that have to be followed in order to be a part of the club. Considering many of these rules do not seem to fall in line with the cultural norms around us, is it any wonder fewer and fewer people are value what Christianity seems to offer?

What's Up With Sexual Identity? (09-11-2016)

The topic of sexual identity and orientation is currently at the forefront of cultural thought and conversation. The Church's view on the topic is considered by many to be outdated, bigoted, and irrelevant. If Christians want to engage the culture around them, this topic cannot be ignored.