We live in a society that sometimes feels like a racetrack speedway. Life moves a million miles an hour and we feel the pressure to have to keep up or be left behind. Through this series, we will dive into the depths of the book of Ephesians and explore the lost practices of presence and posture within our spiritual lives.

I Must Sit First (11-13-2016)

Within our culture there is a lost art to being present within a time and place. We have a tendency to live above a culture and people instead of within a culture and people. This week we talk about the spiritual practice of sitting and how it can transform your life.

My First Steps (11-20-2016)

One of the first things we did as a child was walk. For most of us it’s something we do everyday and we never think much about it. Is it possible that walking is another missed practice in our spiritual development and maturity?

Gifted to Walk (11-27-2016)

What does maturity look like in our lives? What does maturity look like as the church; a community of people attempting to follow after God? Ephesians says that God has gifted each of us in different ways and gives us a great image of what this maturity can look like.

Standing Just a Little Bit Crooked (12-04-2016)

In a world that wants us to run to keep up, sometimes the best thing we can learn to do is stand. This week we talk through a third spiritual practice that is often overlooked, standing, and how to give ourselves permission to stand just a little bit crooked when crooked is all you can do.