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Jesus is the most talked about person in the history of the world.  As followers of Jesus, it is vital that we understand not only who Jesus actually is, but how his plans for His Kingdom are supposed to work and what my role is within it.  This Easter series is for those seeking to answer the question of who Jesus is and also unpack the way that we all are designed to respond to him as our Messiah, Savior, and King.


Who Is Jesus? (04-20-2019)

Understanding who Jesus is is a powerful question that takes us all on a journey to discover the life of a God-man who was sent on a rescue mission to change the world and transform lives.  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and remember the void of hope that was created in the moment of death.  Thankfully, we know how the story ends and this helps us realize the message of Jesus which is centered around hope.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Discussing Who Jesus Is (04-27-2019)

Our Family Gathering this month focuses on a recap of Easter and who Jesus is while we unpack the five core truths discussed last week. For all of us, the power of an open dialogue allows us the opportunity to fully wrestle with what implications Jesus has on our lives through various lenses.

Speaker: Pastor Philip

Sign, Instrument, and Foretaste (05-04-2019)

The culture of the Kingdom reflects the nature of the King. If the culture of the Kingdom of God should be a reflection of the nature of King Jesus then what should it look like? Join us this week as we as we examine what it means for the Church to be—as Newbigin said—a sign, instrument, and foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

Speaker: Pastor Jeff

His Kingdom, My Role (05-11-2019)

So many things compete for our allegiance and our citizenship these days. It isn't as simple as the town or country you live in - everyone wants your loyalty to them, and only them. The kingdom of God describes a way of life that is different from anything else this world has ever seen and our King Jesus invites us to play a critical role in helping to usher in His kingdom here on earth.

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